Carbon Certificates

Agriculture contributes to ⅓ of global greenhouse gas emissions, and adopting regenerative practices can transform soil into carbon sinks. The transition involves costs, but Proteh Agro SRL, an official Agreena (Denmark) partner, offers AgreenaCarbon carbon credits to support sustainable agriculture and carbon sequestration.

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Bio Fertilizers

We all know that plants receive their nutrient intake through symbiosis with beneficial microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) in the soil. Thus, beneficial bacteria and fungi, in addition to providing nutrients, also offer protection to plants against pathogens.

Our company is the official partner of the largest producer of biological fertilizers in Europe – BioEnergy, LT (Lithuania). This allows us to have the most efficient bio fertilizers and biostimulants for plants.

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Having a team with rich experience in the practical implementation of Conservative Agriculture, we are always at your disposal.

We offer consultancy in selecting equipment for Conservative Agriculture (seeders, harrows, etc.), planning crop rotation, and applying cover crops, among other things.

Marcel Gîrlovanu, the First Farmer in Moldova to Join the Agreena Program: Earning Additional Income for 3 Years

Over five years ago, Marcel Gîrlovanu, a farmer from the northern part of the country, [...]

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Farmers’ fintech Agreena raises €46M to scale the regenerative revolution

Climate and fintech company Agreena, whose soil carbon platform is one of the largest globally, today [...]

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