Marcel Gîrlovanu, the First Farmer in Moldova to Join the Agreena Program: Earning Additional Income for 3 Years

Over five years ago, Marcel Gîrlovanu, a farmer from the northern part of the country, began to explore alternative soil cultivation practices, seeking to ensure the reliability of agricultural fields in the face of increasingly frequent droughts.

Drawing on the experience of a neighboring farmer who had been implementing the No-till system for over ten years, he decided to test and compare the efficiency of this technology on his own fields.

“By dividing a plot in half and performing traditional soil work on one side and opting for No-till on the other, I achieved the same yield in the first year. Then, I asked myself, what’s the point of unnecessary expenditures of money and time?!

Getting to the heart of it, I understood that not only maintaining moisture due to soils capable of storing more water is important; this was initially the decisive factor for me, but we also contribute to soil regeneration. We become less invasive in nature, cause fewer damages, and ultimately, reap more benefits. Additionally, by practicing regenerative agriculture, we prevent erosion, a serious problem for our lands,” specifies Marcel Gîrlovanu.

The practices he implements, in addition to the mentioned advantages, have also given him the opportunity to participate in the Agreena program.

“From the local representative, Proteh Agro, I learned about the benefits of participating in the Agreena program and the fact that I could earn additional income. In 2021, I started the collaboration, so that by the end of 2022 I had already obtained the first carbon certificates and Agreena, as per the contract, honored its payment.

In total, from the collaboration with Agreena, I received payments for two years (2021 and 2022). Depending on the crop rotation, the use of cover crops, the payment was different, averaging about 30 euros per hectare. In this period, such financial support is more than welcome for us, and I believe that every farmer implementing regenerative agriculture practices should not miss this opportunity,” adds Marcel Gîrlovanu, Devotament SRL.

For more details about the benefits of regenerative agriculture, as well as participation in the “Agreena” soil carbon certification program, find out from the video made within Devotament SRL.

To learn more about the Agreena program and to join it, contact ProtehAgro, the exclusive partner for Moldova of Agreena, or visit or call +373 780 80 909.